Showcase & Networking Business Expo

Saturday, November 16, 2024

Location: At the Small Arms Inspection Building (SAIB)

Address: 1352 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON L5E 1E9 (Lakeshore/Dixie)

Time: 10AM to 5PM

Free parking and close to Long Branch GO Station









We’ve had a challenging number of years. The small business sector has been hit significantly. We are at the dawn of a new era. It is time to rebuild and redefine who we are and what products and services we offer. Life is not business as usual.
It’s time to showcase and network with other businesses.

  • What product or service do you offer that another vendor can benefit from?
  • What product or service does a vendor offer that you could benefit from?

We all need each other to survive and strive.
Be “that” solution to “that” vendor!

Professional and business owner challenges:

  1. Sales
  2. Cashflow
  3. Brand Identity

In the era of digital marketing, it can be noisy and hard to be heard.

Attend this event and meet professionals and business owners like yourself in
the GTA and the surrounding area who are looking to do business with you.

Attending this expo provides you with a platform to network with potential clients, partners, suppliers, and industry peers. These interactions can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and partnerships that can benefit your business in
the long run. Building strong relationships with customers, partners, and industry stakeholders is crucial for long-term success. This expo offers a more personal
and interactive environment for businesses to connect with stakeholders, fostering trust and loyalty.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to educate attendees about your brand, mission, values, and unique selling points. By engaging with potential customers in person, you can communicate your story more effectively and create memorable brand experiences.

Why Exhibit?

    • Great way to get sales
    • Exhibiting is direct
    • 400 attendees inperson under one roof
    • Get lots of clients in a short period of time
    • Networking and relationship building
    • Strengthen relationships with existing and new customers

    What Are People Saying?

      In a world where building meaningful connections is crucial for success, Livelihood Improvement Community Organization stands out as a beacon of support for businesses like ours. I wholeheartedly endorse their mission and encourage others to participate in and benefit from the valuable opportunities they provide. Thank you, Livelihood Improvement Community Organization, for your unwavering commitment to the success and unity of our local business community.
      Michelle M. Johnson, Gejajo Design & Tech Inc.

      Stoneridge Insurance Georgetown has participated in the 2nd Annual Showcase & Networking Business Expo in April 2023, and it was a huge success. We look forward to participating again in 2024. We appreciate and support their vision “no one is to be lift behind” and we look forward to supporting their initiative.
      Stephen Stoute, Stoneridge Insurance Georgetown

      Meet The Event Collaborators

      Karen Bell


      Karen’s passion for celebrating other people’s success has helped her to launch the Livelihood Improvement Community Organization (LICO). From an early age Karen has loved seeing friends, family, and even strangers achieve greatness in their lives. This exciting new turn will help her to witness and help more people achieve their greatness. President of LICO and the Owner of TRU Potential.

      Sheldon Shaw

      Chair Person

      Producer/Director, Sheldon Shaw is the Owner of Potential Films.

      His involvement with LICO began after producing content for The SLIP workshops and witnessed the growth of many participants.

      Olukemi (Kemi) Fatogun


      Olukemi Fatogun is a psychologist that continually uses her personal and career experiences as well as her Christian faith as a foundation to help her clients overcome post-traumatic stress disorder and provide them with the support they need to get through the difficulties of life. While her focus is on youth care, she also provides services for children, adults and families dealing with traumatic situations of their own. Owner of Rapha Holistic & Therapeutic Services.

      David Potocki


      Today, he’s more dedicated than ever to assisting fellow entrepreneurs, having experienced the struggles of running a business firsthand. Recognizing a gap in traditional bookkeeping, David teamed up with Maria Mejia to create innovative solutions for setting clients on the path to success. Together, they offer a unique blend of skills and vision to support businesses in their growth journey. Co-Owner of Your Financial Success Matrix.

      Maria Mejia


      Maria is driven by her passion for assisting entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of their finances. Her goal is to empower entrepreneurs beyond tax compliance, helping them leverage financial data for business growth. Maria’s deep love for accounting, bookkeeping, continuous learning, and technology fuels her ultimate life goal: helping individuals grasp the intricacies of finance. Co-Owner of Your Financial Success Matrix.

      Jennifer Beale

       Award Winning Networker

      My clients call me “the Queen of Connecting,” a “secret weapon,” and an “ace” at matching people. I cut through the networking confusion, so you build a better network with the right people. If you are an ambitious and well-meaning professional looking to get easier access to decision makers, find bigger and better opportunities, and increase your referrals, I can help. Connection Strategies are my specialty. I empower ambitious professionals with proven ways to connect for mutually successful, long-lasting business partnerships. Specifically, I empower professionals through mentoring, coaching, and group networking event trainings. Owner of Jennifer Beale.

      Join us on April 27, 2024 for the
      3rd Annual Showcase & Networking Business Expo!

      Video by Sheldon Shaw of Potential Films Inc.

      Reserve Your Spot Today!






      Rectangular White Table (5ft)


      Round Table

      Round White Table (5ft)


      Full Size

      Rectangular White Table (6ft)


      Double Size

      Rectangular White Table (2x6ft)




      $20 at door if available - April 27

      $10 per person

      Interested in speaking?

      It is only available to vendors on a first-come-first serve bases. Speaking spots are $75+HST each. Main Stage 20 minutes talk or demonstration or Workshop 50 minutes talk or demonstration.

      Vendor Details

      Each spot comes with a table and two chairs unless a double size is ordered which in that case, you will receive two tables and four chairs. Vendor is resonsible for their own table covering. Each vendor will receive two complimentary admission tickets each unless a double size is ordered which in that case five complimentary admission tickets are included instead.

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